Why Online Certification? - the Practical Solution

Although it’s accepted that on-site audits and certifications are the recognised benchmark for International business standards, impracticalities, whether through location or cost, can make visited audits an expensive dream.

To overcome this we can now carry out remote compliance audits using a combination of skill, technology, and an element of plain old common sense!

One thing is for sure, if travel and time spent getting to a location and back is taken into consideration, there could be big cost saving and environmental implications with this option.

Feedback from clients shows a high approval rating using this solution. Typical reasons being cost savings, convenience, environmental factors and, especially important at the present time, coronavirus avoidance.

How Certification Online Works

ISO Requirements of your Standard We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire to provide all the details about your company, and its current operations, that we will need to prepare your documentation.

This will also enable us to identify any issues that you will need to address, with our help where required, to bring your company into compliance.

In all probability, you will have to introduce some simple systems to comply with the requirements of your Standard.

Once you have confirmed that these are in place, we will send you an audit questionnaire for you to complete to confirm compliance; you may be required to send, by scanner/email, samples of critical documents to our specialist auditors to verify some operational elements of your system.

online iso certification The auditor, once satisfied that your system meets the requirements of your nominated Standard, will confirm this to you and authorise the preparation and emailing of your certificate/logos for you to display on any media that represents your company as you see fit.

The auditor will notify you should any corrective action be required although depending on the issue, this will not necessarily prevent certification.

During the period of certification you can e-mail us regarding any questions or concerns regarding your ISO standard at no cost, up to 10 times, after which a nominal fee will be made for each e-mail response up to the next audit date.

You will receive an e-mail from us about one month before the annual surveillance audit requirement with the next audit questionnaire for certification renewal.

The Journey To Low Cost ISO Certification Online

  • Client

    Decide which standard or standards you require and fill out our on-line application form

  • IS Certification On-line

    Review completed questionnaire... Assess suitability for the scheme... If suitable, respond to client with invoice for set-up cost

  • Client

    Send payment using either of the payment options available

  • IS Certification On-line

    Send completed documents to client... Set tasks for client to complete

  • Client

    Advise ISO Certification On-line once tasks are completed

  • IS Certification On-line

    Send invoice for audit cost to client... Submit audit questionnaire to client and supporting documents where required

  • Client

    Send payment using either of the payment options available... Return completed audit questionnaire and scanned copy of requested documents

  • IS Certification On-line

    Auditor assesses completed report and documents and assesses outcome...
    > If pass - certificate issued and logo for standard earned
    > If fail - advise client what steps needed to achieve pass

  • Client

    Re-submit to address non-conformance

  • IS Certification Online

    Certificate issued and logo for standard earned

  • Client

    Within 1 year apply for re-assessment audit